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Quantity Orders

Special discounts are available for orders of 10 or more for you and your group.

He Who Laughs, Last! is an excellent gift for those colleagues of yours whose birthdays are coming up. Why not order in bulk? If you really want to spread the joy, we have special bulk discounts for your entire group (minimum 10 copies). Just e-mail the pertinent info on this page to us.

I would like to order Laughter, the Best Malaysian:

  • for my Ah Pek group
  • for my Ah Beng group
  • for my staff
  • for my colleagues
  • for my clients
  • for the business convention/seminar I’m organizing
  • for my hotel/motel rooms
  • for my restaurant tables
  • for my tour group
  • to package into the launch of my new product
  • to package as a free gift with my products/services
  • to package into club membership
  • for Malaysian societies overseas
  • overseas business organisations
  • for my balik kampung trip
  • for my in-laws
  • for my out-laws
  • for my men’s/women’s group
  • for my youth/student group
  • for my old cronies, teh-tarik & mamak stall buddies
  • for my sports team to unwind
  • other _________________ tell us if you wish