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Testimonials …

Dato’ Dr. Zulkifli Ahmad, Consultant Physician, Department of Medicine
Kuala Lumpur Hospital

I find David’s jokes are relevant to everyday life situations, full of amusement and humour … It makes good reading especially at bedtime.

Prof. Dr. Chan Swee Heng, Lecturer, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication
University Putra Malaysia Serdang, Selangor

I have lasting memories of the resonance of laughter brought about by my friends, anointed kings-of-humour, Abi and Rauf, who could be totally depended on to cheer up the day with their jokes. Both were students of David Tong, who must have taught them more lasting uses of the English language other than its fundamentals. He Who Laughs, Lasts! is aptly titled, and I recommend the book to everyone who enjoys the evergreen sunshine of a good laugh. There is a gem in every leaf.

Grace Kang-Ong, Editor, HealthToday
As a Nutritionist and Health Editor, I strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine. Take a dose of David’s new book, He Who Laughs, Lasts! and get your endorphins oozing!

Dato’ Mohamed Amin Daud DIMP, SMP, JMN, AMN, Advocate & Solicitor, Former Deputy Speaker Dewan Rakyat
It’s a good reference especially for after dinner jokes. I enjoyed reading the book. It’s light and entertaining. An insight into Malaysian English as practised locally.

Suzee Leong, Freelance Writer, Editor and Author of Children’s Books
Make time for a good laugh - it lightens the day. Here’s David helping us to remain good-humoured, to smile, to be amused for at least part of the day.

Aluosies Francis, Media Manager, Ladies Asian Golf Tour
David Tong must have encountered a gallery of memorable characters … kind, cruel, humourous, and grotesque. He relates the story of his interest by compiling these jokes and keeping readers laughing.

T. Y. Kang, Managing Director, Apple Heart Marketing
Thank you, David, for this new joke book. I assure you that it will occupy an important place (next to your previous copy) in my toilet. Every time I use the water-closet, I will try not to laugh out loud lest my wife thinks that I have gone crazy.


What His Former Students Say About Cikgu David Tong

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Abi Musa Asa’ari bin Mohamed Nor PSM, SSAP, SIMP, DIMP, SMP
Chairman Tabung Haji Malaysia, Former Secretary-General, Ministry of Agriculture
Knowing Mr. David Tong as our Form Teacher in the mid-sixties, and having read his earlier book, Mr. David Tong (I can’t but continue to address him as Mr. David Tong in continued reverence as our Form Teacher, and a very good one I must say) has not lost his sense of humour and fair play as reflected in his book. The book is a fantastic companion wherever one is. I must congratulate Mr. David Tong for his ability to brighten our lives in these challenging times. Keep it up, sir.

Dato’ Abdul Rauf Sani DIMP, KMN, ASDK, AMN, Chief Executive Officer
Lembaga Totalisator Malaysia
Mr. David Tong is the teacher (or culprit) who taught me English in Forms One to Three in 1963 to 1965. Although my English remained kampong-lish, the sense of humour instilled in me throughout those years has helped me tremendously in my arduous duties in management since 1974. Believe me, the jokes in He Who Laughs, Lasts! are hilarious. Have a good laugh!

Dato’ Leong Ah Hin, PNMB Board Director, Ministry Of Home Affairs
Former Secretary-General, Ministry of Science, Technology & the Environment
David Tong came into my life as my primary school teacher. This then young upstart, fresh from Kirkby, England, was proudly brandishing his communicative skill in the English language to his class of country-bumpkins who were dazzled with the way certain words should be pronounced and the rules of grammar. In the midst of it all, David never failed to spice up the lessons with humour that kept our attention! In the pages of this latest book, I see the ‘old David’ at the potter’s wheel again. Keep the laughs flowing, sir!

Dato’ Haji Yidris bin Abdullah DIMP, Chairman COOP21
Former Secretary-General, Ministry of Land & Cooperative Development
Mr. David Tong is fondly remembered as a school teacher who livened up our lessons with his uncanny sense of humour. His ability to keep a straight face when cracking jokes also added to the never-ending fun. This book will give you and your family hours of laughter. The relationship between teachers and students will never end. Teachers will be respected by students irrespective of time and age. Those happy days will be cherished forever.

Su Tiong Say A.M.P., B.C.M., Executive Director, Waz Lian Group
I wish to take this opportunity to commend you for your patience and hard work in playing a significant role to my literacy of the English language and my achievement in the corporate world. Your determination to reach your goal has been admirable. I congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to us.

Ghantimathy Manickam, Commissioner For Oaths
Laughter is indeed David Tong’s best medicine. After reading his book, Laughter, the Best Malaysian, the memory of him as a teacher full of jokes and humour emerged. As we Malaysians say, ‘He’s a funny fellow,’ as he so ably demonstrates in his second book He Who Laughs, Lasts!

Chin Kim Loong, Managing Director, Seng Loong Construction Services
He Who Laughs, Lasts!
shows us ‘the real world’ side of you and not the teacher who drives and exhorts us to be the BEST. I salute you, my teacher and motivator.

S.K.Chong, General Manager, IdealPrins Industries Sdn. Bhd.
As a student I remember our class used to laugh heartily at Mr. David Tong’s humourous anecdotes which made the lessons very interesting. His great sense of humour, positive attitude and generous nature have touched the lives of many of us.

Ong Say Ann, Senior Manager
Mr. David Tong has been a dedicated and likeable teacher who has taught me the use of the Queen’s English. I always remember that after the word ‘did’ a present tense must follow (this memory remains due to David’s unorthodox method of drumming in the message).