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DAVID is your average Malaysian guy, down-to-earth, tidak apa type, and handsome (but not necessarily in that order). “Bread and buttered” at the King George Vth. School, Seremban after the World War (the Second one, that is), he was thereafter trained as a teacher at the Kirkby College in Liverpool, England. In addition to a number of years as a teacher of English as a second language, his background encompasses sales and marketing, and general and agency management. Now retired, David spends most of his senior years laughing over both old and new jokes, believing that laughter is certainly good medicine for his bones. When he's not lounging topless in his batik sarong at home, David can be found sipping teh tarik at his favourite mamak stall, making quirky remarks and spinning frivolous kopi tiam yarns with his cronies.


CHERYL is a mom of three hi-octane boys. She spends much of her time scratching her head trying to figure out how to parent TheBoyz. In the years B.C. (Before Children), Cheryl had many other, less complex pursuits - after graduating from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, she returned to Kuala Lumpur where she pioneered and managed several businesses, and in subsequent years, spoke at seminars and freelanced as a journalist. Today, Cheryl resides in Auckland with her family. When she's not busy running away from pet spiders or band-aiding skinned knees, she can be found pretending to compose inspiring songs on the piano, diligently lazing in a bubble bath, or trying to solve intriguing enigmas in the kitchen such as how to cook claypot chicken rice without a claypot.