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Back cover testimonials …

John Pillai - Journalist and Media Advisor
In the current fast track world, about everybody is bent on trying to improve themselves, either to become millionaires or powerful persons. Scant attention is devoted for an important aspect of life - LAUGHTER! This compilation fulfills the needs.

Vijaya Samarawickrama - Lecturer, Actor and well known thespian
Having known David for more than four decades, I must say he has not lost the sense of humour he had as a youth. It's been refreshing to read those old jokes we had shared as teenagers and which continue to present the human condition as laughable and therefore bearable.

Salma Deen - Bekas Pensyarah, Maktab Perguruan Islam PJ
The David I knew then was the Chairman of Entertainment and now he still loves to entertain. He does it through his book, LAUGHTER, the Best Malaysian. I wish you many happy hours in the company of his book.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aris Othman - Professor of Cultural Anthoropology, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, IIUM
You need only a little sense of humour to appreciate the book. The jokes are earth shaking! Read on!

Dato’ Dr. Vincent Lowe - Chairman and CEO, www.rezzen.com.my
A most welcome addition to the compendium of jokes available. Nothing more welcome than more jokes to laugh over ... especially when collected and put together by a raconteur!

Brandon Chin - GM, Tuanku Jaafar Golf & Country Resort, Seremban
A must read if you want to know what laughter can do for you!