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Upon request, Uncle Tong will personally sign books purchased through his online store.
To have autographed copies of Uncle Tong’s books sent to you and/or others, follow the procedures below:
  1. Browse Uncle Tong's Online Store.

  2. Add the books you want and the quantity into the Shopping Cart.

  3. After purchasing, please e-mail to let us know if you’d like a general autograph (signature only) or a personalised one to a specific person.

    If you would like Uncle Tong to personalise the book to a specific person, please e-mail to let us know.

    Note that your request(s) will only be processed if you have purchased Uncle Tong's book(s) through his online store.


Uncle Tong autographing books at home in his sarung. 
Uncle Tong autographing books at a popular bookstore. No, not in his sarung.